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Happy Bird

Its head is a scraper, and its tail is a brush. The Kitchen Tool like a bird perches, swaying, in any kitchen. The utensil's scraper head and curved body are perfectly smooth out cream and other such ingredients, while its brush tail applies egg washes and sauces wit ease. It is easy to use and also makes the mood more delightful when placed in the kitchen.


Fits the hand gently yet with a firm softness. It scoops up the ingredients all the way, cleaning the dishes.


Use the tail to apply ingredients such as egg yolk, oil, sauce, soy etc. When using the tail, it stands balanced on the table keeping the brush clean at all times.


When not in use, just keep it as a decoration that is easily accessible instead of hidden deep in the storage cabinet.

Happy Bird

RM45.00 Regular Price
RM22.50Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W120 x D13 x H65mm
    Package size:W120 x D13 x H80mm
    Product weight:40g
    Total weight:50g

    Material : Silicone

    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    - Do not forcefully bend or pull the product.

    - Do not use near an open flame or in areas exposed to high temperatures.

    - Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods.

    - Contact with alcohol, paint thinner or other volatile substances may case product to deteriorate or fade.

  • Care & Cleaning

    - Wash with neutral detergent etc etc. and drying well.

    - Dishwasher safe

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