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Stainless Steel Hook

A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called 'Pitasheet' , which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces (such as refrigerators)


SKU: D-690
RM65.00 Regular Price
RM26.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W80×D80×H35mm
    Package size : W110×D140×H36mm
    Product weight : 57g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 60g 
    Weight Limit: 1kg


    Material : Pita Sheet, Stainless Steel


    Made in Japan

  • Installation Instructions

    • Please remove any dust, dirt, oil or moisture from the wall mount. (Please do not use chemicals, fiber cloth or tissue paper) 
    • Please tear off the transparent film a the back of the product. ※ Do not touch the adhesive side, if too much dust is accumulated, the strength of the adhesive will be reduced. 
    • Make sure that the position of the hook is facing straight up. 
    • Press down firmly on the entire hook. 
    • Please check the sides to make sure there the hook is firmly placed onto the surface and there are no gaps in between. 
    • Please use it after a period of at least 10 minutes .

     Where can it be attached? 

    • (refrigerator, washing machine, such as door) a smooth surface / glass with no irregularities, plastic, stainless steel, metal coating surface  

    Place that can not be used 

    • Curved surface that has any kind of surface treatment (such as soil-release finish) or paintwork.
    • Fluorine coat surface / fiber wall with irregularities, rough surfaces which tend to peel off (cloth wall), wallpaper, sand wall, earth wall, concrete or spherical walls.
    • Do not place outdoors or in places with a high degree of humidity such as bathrooms 
    • Do not place near a place which projects extreme heat. 
    • Under direct sunlight or in areas where temperatures can go up to 40 ℃ or more. 

    Load capacity 

    •  1kg ( for reference only. Depends on the environment and the material of the mounting location. )
  • Removal & Attachment

    • Spray the base of the hook with water. 
    • After letting it stand for about 2.30 minutes, please pull the hook slowly upward. 
    •  If it is still hard to pull up, please repeat steps 1 & 2.
    •  Be careful and please do not try to remove it by force as there may be damage to the wall or you might get hurt.
    • If the adhesive surface is dirty, wash the sticky side with running water and let it air-dry overnight.
    • Then following the installation instructions above, please re-attach in your new location.
    • If there is still some moisture left, please dry it in a place with as little dust as possible.


    • Please do not hook anything fragile or valuable such as watches, mobile phones or glass products.
    • There is a potential that you could scratch the floor surface if the product falls due to insufficient adhesion.
    • It is advisable to place proper protection on your floors.
    • To avoid damaging the wall when removing, please be careful and follow the instructions for Removal above.  


    • Please avoid use in a location that might cause hurt or damage to a person or thing.
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