Draw, colour, or trace! These stone crayons will enhance creativity!
A mysterious shape from all angles. Have fun with iciColor!


IciColor lets you play and colour with any angle. In addition, if you place the paper on top of any texture such as leaves, wood or sellotapes, you can enjoy tracing out unexpected shapes and effects allowing one to heighten their imagination. The form changes after each use, thus it can also be piled up like dominos or stack of stones. The use and method of playing will match the growth of a child.


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  • Product Information

    Packaging size : W143 x D143 x H25mm
    Product size: W145 x D145 x H27mm
    Weight (per piece) :15~20g
    Total Weight : 155g


    Material :

    Polyethylene, pigment, calcium carbonate, paraffin, paraffin wax
    * To US safety standards we are getting the AP mark that have passed.


    Made in Japan