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KCUD Kitchen Garbage Drainer

KCUD Kitchen Garbage Drainer


A modern kitchen drainer that is eco friendly. It can squeeze kitchen garbage tightly, making it lighter and easy to be disposed.

Sandwiching the garbage accumulated with the sink tightly can reduce waste volume by cutting out the moisture to about 10%.


It can also be used with a plastic bag and is easily washed.

When folded, it is slim hence it takes up very little storage space.
It is the future of eco-friendly kitchen accessory.

KCUD Kitchen Garbage Drainer

RM51.00 Regular Price
RM20.40Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W176×D137×H168mm
    Product weight : 180g 
    Packaging size : W51xD196xH175mm
    Tatal Weight:195g


    Material : Propylene


    Made in Japan

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