Kitchen Tray

BEW Kitchen Tray


An unconventional modern and simple tray. With its minimalist and unique design, the kitchen tray can be used for draining and serves as a stylish piece in an open kitchen.


It is suitable for draining foods such as fruit and vegetables, drying of lacquerware, high quality glassware and is dish washer friendly. It is perfect for serving during parties for a good quality time. 

The design of the surface gives great ventilation, hence the items places gets drained or dried much quicker.

Kitchen Tray

RM150.00 Regular Price
RM75.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W401×D249×H21mm
    Package size:W415×D260×H30mm
    Product Weight:500g
    Total weight:600g


    Material : ABS resin, PBT resin


    Made in Japan