KOTORI E-Light (Stand Lamp) - Traditional Colors


*Pre-order only. Please allow 20-45 days for fulfillment and delivery from Japan.


When sunlight shines through an open Japanese umbrella (Wagasa), gently illuminating the washi paper and underlying bamboo frame, a warm atmosphere is produced. This is what inspired us to create the KOTORI collection. This shade can folded like an umbrella for easy storage.


S size: KEL-2230 (W220 x H310 mm)              RM 1,600.00

L size: KEL-3146 (W310 x H460 mm)              RM 2,100.00



Bamboo, wood, hand made Japanese paper

Steel lamp holder

E27, 1.5m cable/switch black

Maximum 60W

Light bulb not included

Installation excluded. We can recommend a lighting installer upon request.

Note: Color of lantern paper may differ slightly from photograph due to color of bulb used.


The Kyowa umbrella is carefully handcrafted one by one using Japanese paper, selected from some of the top producers in Japan. The bamboo bones are made by carefully splitting a piece of bamboo. You can enjoy the original textures of bamboo that changes over time.


As they are made of natural materials, every piece is not 100% identical which gives it a unique characteristic.


The Story of Hiyoshiya

Tradition is continuing innovation


Since its founding in the late Edo Period (19th century), hiyoshiya has been guided by the same philosophy "Tradition is continuing innovation" to breathe a new life into traditional crafts. Hiyoshiya's products inherit from five generations of expertise. They have been an instrumental part of Kyoto's international success, carrying forward the tradition and developing new products based on technologies used for the production of Japanese-style umbrellas.



Japan Shop System Award 2007 (Kotori Pendant Light)

Good Design Award 2007 (Kotori Pendant Light)

Good Design SME Award 2007

2007 Japanesque Modern 100 Selection

FORM# 2008 – Form from Crafts & Industry, Germany (Kotori Pendant Light)

KOTORI E-Light (Stand Lamp) - Traditional Colors