Cable Holder


These cable holders are in the shape of a monkey parent and child who hang from your cables. Have fun wrapping all kinds of cables around them.


SKU: DA-1070
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  • Product Information

    S size
    Product size : W34×D12×H71mm
    Package size : W80×D16×H91mm
    Product weight : 1g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 12g


    L size
    Product size : W55×D15×H71mm
    Package size : W80×D16×H91mm
    Product weight : 2g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 12g


    Material : Polyethylene


    Made in Japan

  • Care & Cleaning

    • Do not place it near high heat or fire.
    • Do not pull the holder with excessive force. It may tear.
    • Do not wind up the cable too tightly. It may snap.
    • Only for headphone cables and other thin charger cables. 
    • Do not wrap with thick power cords such as hair dryers etc.
    • Do not leave small children unattended with the cable holder.