Paring Knife (SK-40)

The paring knife from the Superior Series is made of a beautiful pattern on the blade. This series has a larger handle for better grip with a sharp edge blade that stays sharp longer.

For a professional cook, a paring knife is an essential tool in the kitchen as their small design makes it ideal for precision cutting and easy handling on smaller food items. This is especially important for home cooks when it comes to cutting small items, making it easier and safer to handle.


Special Mentions:

- TACTICAL KNIVES (USA) : Selected as Tactical Knives (2006)

Paring Knife (SK-40)

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  • Product Information

    Paring Knife (SK-40)

    Blade Length: 100mm

    Full Length: 200mm

    Weight: Approx 65g

    Packaging: W45mm x L245mm x H20mm



    (Blade) Chrome molybdenum vanadium high-carbon steel | (Handle) Wood


    Made in Japan

  • Care for MAC Knives

    • Do not use the Knife other than Cooking. (Cutting food only)
    • Do not use the Chlorine-based bleach. The Knife will get rusty or starts corrode, easily.
    • Please wash the Knife by using warm water and a Neutral detergent with a Soft Sponge. Rinse it well and wipe off the water by using a soft dry Cloth. Do not use rough sponges such as scouring sponge, metal wire sponge and hemp sponge. Keep it in a dry place.
    • Do not cut any Frozen Food. It may chip off the Blade. Please use our recommended Knife (FC-90) if you need to cut a Frozen Food.
    • We recommend to sharpen your Knife, once a month to keep the Blade in sharp condition.
    • Keep out of reach of small children.
    • Do not leave the knife near a fire.
    • Never wash or dry, using a Dish Washer or a Dish Dryer.
    • Never scratch the Coated Blade with a hard thing. It will scratch off the Coating.