PlaTawa for Toilet

PlaTawa for Toilet


Platawa for Toilet is a simple and compact brush for your toilet. The brush bends and fits well to any curved surfaces of a toilet bowl and you can reach and clean up difficult to reach places thoroughly. The brush dries quickly and is easy to clean.

PlaTawa for Toilet

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  • Product information

    Product size:W92×D92×H380mm
    Package size:W93×D93×H382mm
    Product Weight:162g


    Material :

    Cup & Grip: Polypropylene
    Brush: Special mixed polyethylene resin
    Water guard: Polyethylene


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • When not in use, please keep it set in the case.
    • Place it on a flat surface.
    • Please do not use it for other applications other than cleaning.
    • Please do not swing it.
    • Please do not dismantle the product.
    • Please avoid storing it in direct sunlight, near open flame, or where the temperature is high.
    • If you are unsure of the usage or if you have a toilet bowl with a special finish, please try it on another item to avoid any   potential damage.