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PUSU PUSU 3D - Statue Of Liberty

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of independence, it was presented by a French donation and completed in 1886. It is made of copper and is 93m including the pedestal part, and the total weight is 225t.The flame on the right is made of pure gold, and on the left is a nameplate engraved with Roman numerals, which is the Independence Day "July 4, 1776".There are torn chains and shackles at his feet, symbolizing all repression, liberation from oppression, and the freedom and equality of all humankind. The crown worn by the goddess has seven protrusions, meaning that freedom extends to seven continents and seven seas.

Build three-dimensional scenes and structures simply by inserting tiny cardboard parts precisely laser cut - each piece makes a distinctive "PUSU PUSU" sound when slotted together. PUSU PUSU may be small but the quality is real! Combine pieces any way you want to create your own unique world.

*Requires neither glue nor scissors - no tools  needed. Simple design enables pieces to be combined just by slotting them together.

(Estimated assembly time: 30 minutes to 1 hour)

Suitable for age 15 and older


Completed size: Length 80 x Width 80 x Height 115 mm
Package: Length 186.5 x Width 124 x Thickness 8 mm

Total Weight: Approximately 55~70g

Material: Cardboard

Made in Japan

PUSU PUSU 3D - Statue Of Liberty

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RM86.00 Regular Price
RM43.00Sale Price

    PUSU PUSU contains small parts that are easily swallowable - never give PUSU PUSU to children under the age of 3.

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