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Roll Sharpener (RS-1)

Introducing the new MAC Roll Sharpener (RS-1)!

It took 2 years to develop RS-1 through many thorough testing and fine tuning to reach this ideal and easy-to-use design.


With the ceramic wheel and custom-designed cap, there's no need to apply strength or speed when sharpening. For MAC knives, you only need to sharpen back and forth about 20-40 times, whereas for non-MAC knives, you will require only about 30-50 times. Knife sharpening should be so easy to do!


*For regular use, just replace the ceramic wheel after 12 months or so. Spare ceramic wheels will be available for purchase in the near future.

Roll Sharpener (RS-1)

RM130.00 Regular Price
RM104.00Sale Price