A slender spoon with a long handle, perfect for tasting soupls and stews when cooking or for spooning out spices, salt or sugar. It has a long handle and a thin, deep shape that makes it easy to scoop without getting caught in the mouth of powder bags or bottles. 


It is also easy to scoop from deep containers with small openings with its long handle.

Even the depths of pouch-shaped seasonings can be reached easily and quickly. The spoon holds about 5cc (1 teaspoon)


It is also perfect for powdered drinks. Just scoop a spoonful (about 5 ml) and stir as it is!

As it weighs about 45g, you can hold it stably and comfortably!


SKU: AS0056
  • Product Information

    Product size: W20 x D18 x H225 mm

    Product weight: Approx.45g


    Package size: W232 x D27 x H23mm

    Package weight: Approx. 60g


    Material: 18-8 stainless steel

    Made in Japan