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Seasoning Case Set

Seasoning Case Set

Due to the effects of humidity control of diatomaceous earth, you can prevent seasonings from hardening.


It comes in a set of two containers for Salt and Pepper.

Fill in the seasoning and close it with the cork. Due to the nature of diatomaceous earth, the humidity in the containers are controlled.

# The set comes in the same color.

Seasoning Case Set

SKU: D181
RM230.00 Regular Price
RM92.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W40×D40×H60mm each
    Package size:W105×D55×H105mm
    Product Weight:60g per pc
    Total weight:150g


    Material :

    WHITE: Akita diatomaceous earth
    PINK: Ishikawa Prefecture diatomaceous earth
    GREEN: Akita diatomaceous earth + Ishikawa Prefecture Asagi soil


    Made in Japan

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