Spatula by h tag


Fun to use!

For stirring, breaking up, turning, scooping, serving and more!

A spatula to bring the fun back into cooking!


No wasted time cleaning and switching between unnecessary utensils.

Mix, flip, scoop and serve easily with just one tool. The spatula's flexible tip helps you blend ingredients together smoothly. In addition to the curved sides of a frying pan, the spatula's front walls can also scoop food over flat surfaces in an instant. When set down, the raised angles of the mini-use spatula's tip mean it will not damage fluorine resin-coasted pans. The multi-use spatula makes cooking and cleaning smarter.


A new scooping experience

The shape follows the curved surface of the pan and scoops easily with the soft tip and side wall. The soft tip stays afloat when placed on the kitchen / table top preventing from staining. It can also be hooked for kitchens with small storage spaces. Given its smart design, exposing the spatula does not disrupt the view of the kitchen.


SKU: DH-030-BK
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  • Product Information

    Product size : W80×D35×H285mmm
    Product weight : 50g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 55g

    Material : Nylon, Temperature Limit: 200˚C


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    - Avoid contact with flames or other places of high temperature.

    - Do not use for deep-frying.

    - Use only for cooking.

    - Using with some foods, such as curry, may cause discolouration.

    - Do not leave in pots of boiling water as this may cause deformation.

    - Wash with soft sponge. Steel wool, abrasive sponges and cleaners may cause damage to surface.

    - Do not wash with bleach.

    - Dishwasher safe.