Squeegee mini

Wipe dry with the new Squeegee mini.


Removes water drops from your bathroom wall and mirror.

If you use it after taking bath, you can easily keep the bathroom dry and prevent water stains and mildew.


Use Squeegee for removing water drops from your bathroom wall and mirror and condensation on your windows. There are plenty of places its use can be applied besides the bathroom.

Squeegee mini

RM65.00 Regular Price
RM32.50Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:W150×D58×H12mm
    Package size:W225×D85×H20mm
    Product weight:63g
    Total weight:70g


    Material : Silicone Rubber


    Made in China

  • Precaution of Use

    • Please do not leave Squeegee submerged in detergent for a long time. Rinse with water after use. The detergent may cause alteration or discoloration of the product.
    • Do not use it for purposes other than cleaning.