Animal Stool

Animal Stool


The wooden legs of the Animal Stools are finished carefully one by one with a furry cushion seat and tail that adds a unique accent to an interior space.


It is ideal for sitting while you take off your shoes by the front door, as an ottoman near the sofa, or as a pet stool for children. You are immediately greeted by a cute object upon returning home. The cushions come in different finishes Wolf mixed gray L & S size, Coyote brown L & S size, Fox gray S size, fox white S size and Bambii SS size. The furs are made of senthetic material.

Animal Stool

  • Product Information

    Product size :

    SS size - W240×D340×H240mm
    S size - W290×D360×H330mm
    L size - W340×D420×H460mm


    Package size :

    SS size - W260×D360×H270mm
    S size - W300×D370×H340mm
    L size - W350×D430×H470mm


    Product weight :

    SS size - 1.3kg
    S size - 2.4kg
    L size - 3.7kg


    Material :

    Body: White Ash wood
    Seat: Urethane foam
    Synthetic fur: Acrylic, polyester


    Made in Japan (Hokkaido)


    • This item is available on pre-order basis only. Kindly email us for order enquiries.
    • Please note that the delivery of this item may take up to 6 weeks.