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Limited print of original watercolour artwork by Lulu Kouno.

Printed in Japan. (limited to 20 pcs only)
Size: 26cm x 34cm


  • For overseas shipping, kindly email us for shipping options.
  • Prints will be shipped in protective kraft tubes.
  • Picture frames not included.


About Lulu Kouno

Born in 1987 in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.
In Mexico, where she arrived at the end of a long trip in 2015, she was running out of money. So she offered to paint a mural at a cheap hotel and got one bed for free throughout her stay. As she continued painting murals like that, she realized how fun painting is.

After returning to Japan, she has been active as a painter since 2016, creating murals at schools, hospitals, orphanages, and facilities for the handicapped children who were really happy with her paintings.


Awards, Solo Exhibitions, Client Works, etc.
・ Mini solo exhibition at KONCENT Shop, Malaysia
・ Unknown Asia art exchange 2017 Grand Prix
・ Osaka International Women's Marathon Main Visual
・ Live painting and exhibition at Namba Station in Osaka
・ Solo exhibition at Monkey Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo
・ Mural painting at Heso Park in Hyogo Prefecture (25m x 3m)
・ Mural painting at an elementary school in Malawi, Africa (6m x 5m)
・ Exhibition at Artist in residence and mural painting at in public facilities at Toryo,Taiwan
・ Mural painting in 2 rooms at Art Hotel BnA Alter Museum in Kyoto
・ Mural painting at the Blue LED research facility in Nagoya University (4m x 20m)
・ Mural painting in a culture space in Bangkok, Thailand (7m x 12m)
・ Mural painting at an orphanage in Mexico (6m x 2m)
・ Participated in a public art fair in Shenzhen, China. Painting on the floor (1.5m x 10m)
・ Mural painting at a facility for people with disabilities in Aichi Prefecture (11m x 15m)
・ Winner of the Grand Prix at the creative tournament Ubisum by ubies
・ In addition, murals painting for pediatrics, dentist, kindergarten, and facilities for the elderly


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