A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called “PitaSheet”, which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces (such as refrigerators).phot01





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To remove it:
1. Spray water with a spray bottle. 
2. After 30 minutes, grasp the hook portion and lift it gently upwards towards you.

*Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you have difficulty removing the hook.
*Removing the hook with excessive force may damage the surface of the wall or cause injuries.

Reattaching to Surfaces / When Adhesive Becomes Dirty:
Wash the adhesive side with running water and let it air dry for an entire day and night. Attach to surfaces following the instructions provided. The hook may not attach to surfaces if there is any moisture remaining. Make sure to let it dry in a location where it will not accumulate dust.


Places Where LINE HOOK Can Be Used:
- Smooth surfaces without ridges / Glass, plastic, stainless steel, painted metallic surfaces (refrigerators, laundry machines, doors, etc.)

Places Where LINE HOOK Cannot Be Used:
- Surfaces that easily peel away, are rough, or uneven / Fiber walls (cloth walls), wallpaper, sand walls, mud walls, concrete, painted
  surfaces that easily peel away
- Surfaces that have been processed with coating agents such as fluorine (soil-release finishing agent)
- Curved or spherical surfaces - Locations where the product may be exposed to water or high humidity, such as bathrooms or outdoors
- Glass that is exposed to direct sunlight
- Near flames or locations that reach temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius
- Surfaces which are smaller than the adhesive side


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mds size

Line Hook

mds size


mds size

Product size:W14×D19×H80mm
Package size:W37×D37×H86mm
Product weight:13g
Total weight:35g
Load Capacity : 500 g

mds variation

Beige, Black, Green, Silver, Vivid Orange,
Vivid Yellow, White

mds mtral

Stainless Steel (Baked finish), acrylic foam

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 44.00) -50% RM 22.00