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Welcome to KONCENT Malaysia, a Tokyo based retail store that connects consumers with the world of Japanese designs. KONCENT is the brainchild of Hideyoshi Nagoya, founder of product design studio based in Tokyo called h concept. KONCENT literally means power point or metaphorically a source of energy which, in this case, the power to connect people through design.


KONCENT Malaysia is operated by local partner, Pride Studio (Formerly Pride Works) who has been introducing unique Japanese designs since 2011 not only in Malaysia, but across South East Asia as well. Pride Studio is co-owned by interior and graphic design duo, Patrick and Mike who share similar passion towards Japanese designs, culture and the design industry as a whole.


Our physical store is officially closed to public as of 31 Dec 2023. If you would like to arrange for self pickup of your online order, you can still do so, however, kindly contact us before coming over so that we can expect your arrival.

You can also visit our design studio's website, Pride Studio by clicking on the button below:



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