I AM Mug Shot
Literally put your face on a mug!

Give us a picture of yourself or your friends and family’s and we’ll make make a customized character illustration that best represents yours / their personalities and print it on a mug!

You can either put their names, add #hashtags or your personalized quotes!

*Ready within 1 week!

mds size

I AM Mug Shot

mds size

Mug Shot JH-018

mds size

Product size : W120 (includes handle) ×H97mm
Package size : W115x D85 x H85mm
Product weight : 350g
Total weight : 370g

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Customized Character Illustration

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*Printing: Heat Transfer

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Made in Malaysia

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Mike Saw

Designer Comment : 

Christmas was coming and I was just cracking my head thinking what to give my friends that was not too typical or "just for the sake of it", like every other year. So it hit me. Let's put their faces on a mug!

My chosen style of illustration is brick model inspired. Each character is custom designed to mimic the actual person with his/her unique traits or personality. It's a cute representation and I feel that every time the mug is used, it creates a sense of warmth and connection, reminding us who we are and that life is good.