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Bread Knife (BS-90)

The bread knife from MAC Chef Series. This series is made with razor sharp thin blade for high performance.

A must have for any pastry chef for precision cutting and easy handling of breads and cakes.  Recommended for professional to home kitchen usage.


Special Mentions:

- TORO (Canada) : WANTED - The Very Best to Buy, See and Do (2007)

Bread Knife (BS-90)

SKU: BS-90
RM310.00 Regular Price
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  • Product Information

    Bread Knife (BS-90)

    Blade Length: 220mm

    Full Length: 350mm

    Weight: Approx 145g

    Packaging: W65mm x L440mm x H25mm



    (Blade) Chrome molybdenum vanadium high-carbon steel | (Handle) Wood


    Made in Japan

  • Care for MAC Knives

    • Do not use the Knife other than Cooking. (Cutting food only)
    • Do not use the Chlorine-based bleach. The Knife will get rusty or starts corrode, easily.
    • Please wash the Knife by using warm water and a Neutral detergent with a Soft Sponge. Rinse it well and wipe off the water by using a soft dry Cloth. Do not use rough sponges such as scouring sponge, metal wire sponge and hemp sponge. Keep it in a dry place.
    • Do not cut any Frozen Food. It may chip off the Blade. Please use our recommended Knife (FC-90) if you need to cut a Frozen Food.
    • We recommend to sharpen your Knife, once a month to keep the Blade in sharp condition.
    • Keep out of reach of small children.
    • Do not leave the knife near a fire.
    • Never wash or dry, using a Dish Washer or a Dish Dryer.
    • Never scratch the Coated Blade with a hard thing. It will scratch off the Coating.
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