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Caomaru Color

Stress Ball


The Caomaru has a unique tactile sensation, that is surprising to the touch but becomes addictive when used more often. 
Each Caomaru makes a cute and funny face when squeezed leaving you relaxed and smiling along with it.

Caomaru Color

RM110.00 Regular Price
RM55.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W55×D65×H65mm

    Package size : W60×D60×H70mm
    Product weight : 120g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 166g


    Material : Silicone


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of use

    • The material and surface powder on the Caomaru is non-toxic but please do not put in mouth.
    • To clean, please pat gently with a damp towel. Once done, apply a little baby powder on surface of the caomaru and it will be good as new. 
    • Please do not place the Caomaru on printed documents as the ink may transfer. 
    • Please avoid placing the Caomaru in direct sunlight or near high-heat areas. 
    • Please keep away from young children. 
    • As these faces are made by hand each individual Caomaru may vary slightly in appearance such as air bubbles, surface texture etc. 
    • Please do not pull at protruding parts such as nose and lips as these may break off. 
    • In order to lessen the original stickiness of the material, a white powder is applied to each Caomaru. Do not be concerned if you see some residue as it is safe and non-toxic. 
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