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Silicone Mat


Fold it and unfold it to fit your needs.
It’s a fun hot pot mat!

and the feel of its interlocking feet snapping together is almost addictively fun.
It can even be used as a drainer or strainer. Just snap it open and it’s ready for use!


SKU: D-890
RM53.00 Regular Price
RM26.50Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size :

    W17×D84×H84mm (Closed) / W7×D170×H170mm (Opened)
    Product weight : 125g

    Package size : W18×D89×H89mm

    Total weight (including packaging) : 135g


    Material : Silicone

    #Withstand temperature up to 200°C for all kinds of pots and kettles.


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Please do not place close to fire.
    • Do not pull forcibly. It may damage and tear.
    • Avoid using wire sponges for cleaning to avoid scratches.
    • Do not use thinner or alcohol to clean.
    • It may cause discoloration.
    • Do not use in open fire grill.
    • Do not leave under direct sunlight.
    • Dry well after wash or use as it may accumulate mold over time.
  • Care & Cleaning

    • Please use neutral detergents for washing. Dry well after use.
    • Due to the raw material, the silicone may smell peculiar at first use. The smell will gradually disappear after use.
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