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Room Door Hook

Room Door Hook


Smarter living every day. Towards a storage that you can display
on your room door.


You can use this hook to store items such as the hat or jacket that
you use everyday. It has enough space for you to hang items such
as bags with wide handles. There are holes on the hook so you can
also hook hangers onto it. You can easily install it without having to
use any tools. The hook can be adjusted to your desired height.


Applicable doors
Height: Up to 2.4m/ Thickness: Approx. 3 to 4cm
Weight limit: Approx. 6kg (Approx. 2kg per hook)

- You will need at least 2mm of space between the door frame and the door, both at the top and bottom.

- This product cannot be used on a sliding door or glass door.

Room Door Hook

SKU: DC-010
RM95.00 Regular Price
RM47.50Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size:
    Length of belt: Approx. W38xL2500mm
    Hook: Approx. W46xD42xH50mm
    Metal fixture: Approx. W46xD42xH41mm
    Package size : W194xH170mm
    Product weight : 260g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 265g


    Material : 

    Belt: PP
    Hook: ABS
    Sponge: PE
    Metal fixture: Stainless steel


    Made in Japan

  • Precaution of Use

    • Please install the product carefully to prevent any scratch to the door/floor.
    • Carefully sandwich your finger when installing/removing. Please be careful not to hit your eyes on the metal fittings.
    • Please be sure not to overload the product as there is a danger that the door may be distorted.
    • Please make sure not to tighten the belt with excessive force as the metal fitting may be distorted or you may scratch the door.
    • Please do not put valuable items that may be damaged by falling.
    • For long periods of use, the belt may be loosen. Please tighten the belt again before reuse.
    • Please keep away from fire/heat.
    • Please keep away from small children.
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