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Splash Mini

A mini version of the popular SPLASH umbrella stand. The shape of water splashing out of a puddle on a rainy day inspired the design of this umbrella stand. It will make even the dreariest of rainy days fun.

The Splash Mini overall size has been reduced to 60% of the original Splash size, height has been maintained.  

With a diameter and 120mm, it is now more space-saving and does not take up much space in a narrow front entrance.

Splash Mini

SKU: D-015
RM190.00 Regular Price
RM76.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : W120×D120×H96mm
    Package size : W123×D115×H107mm
    Product weight : 900g
    Total weight (including packaging) : 980g


    Material : Synthetic Rubber


    Made in Japan

  • Care & Cleaning

    • Please wipe with a cloth moistened with water.
    • Please avoid the use of abrasive detergents.
  • Precaution of Use

    • When used in places in bright light or direct sunlight for long periods of time, there is a possibility of discoloration and cracks. 
    • Please do not put it near high temperatures or beside the fireplace. 
    • Please note, do not apply gasoline, paint thinner, etc.
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