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Condiment Containers


The mouths of TALKING containers are shaped in the form of the characters “yu” (for Shoyu or soy sauce), “shi” (for shio or salt), and “ko” (for koshou or pepper). They are guaranteed to brighten up your mealtime.


SKU: D-410
RM66.00 Regular Price
RM33.00Sale Price
  • Product Information

    Product size : ø50×H63.5mm
    Package size : W60×D58×H70m
    Product weight :
    Soy Sauce 85g
    Salt, Pepper 55g


    Total weight (including packaging) : 
    Soy Sauce 117g
    Salt, Pepper 87g


    Soy Sauce 60ml
    Salt, Pepper 80ml


    Material : Porcelain


    Made in Japan

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